Anhydrous ammonia lands two Screven,Georgia residents in jail on meth charges.

SPRINGFIELD,Georgia - Effingham County,Georgia sheriff's deputies have arrested two Screven,Georgia County residents on multiple methamphetamine charges, including possession of anhydrous ammonia.

Thomas Eugene Chism, 23, and Susan Christine Grant, 20, both of 10995 Newington Highway, Newington,Georgia were arrested early Thursday morning when deputies were dispatched on a prowler call in a new subdivision on Clyo-Stillwell Road.

Upon arrival deputies saw Chism walking around homes in a suspicious manner. Deputies questioned Chism, who said his car had a flat tire on Clyo-Stillwell Road and he was looking for help. The deputies escorted Chism back to his car, and as they were walking up to the car they smelled the odor of anhydrous ammonia coming from the vehicle.

Anhydrous ammonia often is used in one of the most dangerous methods for the production of methamphetamine.

Deputies notified sheriff's investigators, who responded and found a container with anhydrous ammonia about 25 feet from the car, which was leaking anhydrous ammonia.

Investigators and canines found Grant, who was a passenger in the car, hiding in a wooded area and arrested her.

Chism and Grant were taken to Effingham County,Georgia Jail on charges of prowling, possession of anhydrous ammonia, manufacturing methamphetamine and unlawful use of pseudoephedrine.
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