Residents' tips key in meth bust.

All these chemicals and supplies are used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. They were found in and around an apartment in Moulton,Alabama where three small children were living.

Observant neighbors who complained about a methamphetamine lab are responsible for the arrest of a Moulton,Alabama man.

According to Amard Martin, director of the Lawrence County,Alabama Drug Task Force, the task force, Lawrence County,Alabama Sheriff's investigators and the Moulton,Alabama Police Department had all received complaints about activities at a certain residence.

Officers then set up surveillance and established probable cause to go into the residence.

Jimmy Whitfield, 38, 417 South Street, gave officers permission to search the residence. During the search, agents found anhydrous ammonia fertilizer, Coleman camp fuel, hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals used in manufacturing methamphetamine. These items were located behind the apartment. There were also chemicals in the apartment that are used in methmaking. No finished product was found on the scene.

"He was using the one pot method," Martin said.

The search was conducted just before midnight on Thursday, Oct. 18. Martin noted there were three small children in the apartment when the search was conducted. DHR was notified of the investigation. Martin said the children are now staying with a family member.

Whitfield was charged with first-degree unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance,

possession of anhydrous ammonia, chemical endangerment of a child and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is being held without bond.

LC Sheriff Gene Mitchell stated that "methamphetamine manufacturing will not be tolerated in Lawrence County,Alabama. We are working together with state and local law enforcement to bring methamphetamine manufacturing to a halt so our kids can be safe."
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