Mothers involved in heroin party limited to supervised visits with children.

PORTSMOUTH,New Hampshire �'�''�'' Two moms accused of bringing their children to a hotel room where one partygoer died of a suspected heroin overdose, were court-ordered to undergo regular drug tests and have limited supervised visits with their children.

One of them, Tammy Wylie, 26, of the Cross Roads House homeless shelter, was arraigned Monday when she was court-ordered to move from the shelter within 90 days because most people alleged to have held the hotel heroin party reside there, said prosecutor Corey MacDonald.

Police allege she and others who know each other from the shelter drank and snorted heroin in two Comfort Inn Rooms on Oct. 21, before Anthony Fosher, 36, died after ingesting some of the heroin. The group gathered to watch a Red Sox game, say police.

Wylie was also ordered Monday to get a job within two weeks, have only supervised visits with her children, report to a probation officer and undergo random drug tests, said the prosecutor.

She was scheduled for a Jan. 29 trial.

Codefendant Jennifer Germana, 23, of 395 Main St., Somersworth,New Hampshire is charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and was also arraigned Monday. Shea is alleged to have brought her 22-month-old and 2-year-old to the party.

During her Monday court appearance, MacDonald successfully petitioned the court for Germana to check in regularly with a probation officer, submit to random drug tests and have no contact with her codefendants.

She was also scheduled for a Jan. 29 trial.

MacDonald told the Herald he did not ask for cash bail because doing so would put the single mothers in jail.

Jeffrey Marshall, 43, also of the shelter, is alleged to have supplied the heroin, while his girlfriend, Carrie Collins, 21, another shelter resident, is charged with cutting and distributing it to the group.

Police Capt. Janet Champlin said Monday that her office is still waiting for toxicology reports to verify Fosher�'�''�''s cause of death. Police say if those tests show Fosher died from a heroin overdose, the charges against Marshall and Collins could be upgraded to reflect homicide.
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  • Methadone was initially used as a painkiller by the Germans during World War II.
  • Overdose due to methadone is on the rise in the state of Florida.
  • Physicians may also be prescribing methadone more often given the media and law enforcement attention that has been focused on the abuse of other opiate drugs, in particular OxyContin.
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